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Pathology Macro Imaging Systems

Pathology Macro Imaging Systems support your pathology imaging requirements from macro and micro dissection to high magnification micro-observation.

Pathology Macro Imaging Systems make imaging routine and easy by providing barcode scanning of case information, image capture, auto-calibrated measurement, auto-labeled annotations, reporting templates, auto-file save function and LIMS connectivity in a simple yet powerful interface.


Pathology Macro Imaging Systems Features

A turnkey solution for each of your needs Configurable user interface to meet your lab's work practices

  • Barcode data input speeds clerical work
  • Simple on-screen image preview and image editing
  • Computer controlled lens and camera provides wide field and magnified images
  • Touch-screen annotation, sample and section labeling
  • Calibrated image capture allows quick measurement of length, area via touch screen interface
  • Touch-screen keyboard for "gloved-up" work areas
  • Foot switch control of software functions: Preview, Zoom, Focus, Capture, Dump, Save, Auto-incrementing of sample, section and block labels

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